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Afro Carribean Hair Salon in Glasgow

About Us

Afro Connections Glasgow... Finally- a salon for YOU!

We're here for you.

Our Company

Using high quality American products and equipment, teamed with more than ten years experience from dedicated staff, we are able to fill a major gap in the hair styling community in Glasgow.
Not only are we interested in your beauty  needs, we are also very interested in hearing from you and learning about your experiences of living and working in the Glaswegian community as well and supporting other minority owned business'.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to uplift the quality of salon services offered to African-American-Afro-Caribbean women in the Glasgow area and all around the country! Our aim is to offer products and services that are designed for women of colour and to  make these products and services readily available.

We aim to offer unbeatable value for money and outstanding customer service.
Our customers are our greatest assets and we are dedicated to fulfulling your beauty requirements!

Afro Connections Glasgow * East End * Glasgow * UK